Distributor Enquiries Solicited.

  • We are looking for State wise or Area wise Distributors for Vigex Products where we have no Distributor right now.
  • All are requested to please contact us if you are interested by email writing all your profile details including your strong points to consider and your financial and space available to store our products.


Price List # 34 announced

Price List with Updated Items
Notes about Price List #34

Vigex would like to announce that the price list #34 has been updated with all items developed by Vigex in addition to the items aforementioned in price list #33

There has been an appreciation in the price of selected items in the updated price list #34
The price appreciation is applicable to 15% of the products, with the rest remaining same.

Vigex requests its valued customers to comply with the above-mentioned terms and send their fresh and/or scheduled orders promptly so as to avail the former prices, till stocks last.

Vigex holds no concrete commitment to execute purchase orders at former prices, which is dependent on various external factors such as their party’s dealing, existing stock with old purchases, and payment records for allowing benefits on the party’s behalf.
Always at your service.